The Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA) is a professional association for Arizona licensed Naturopathic Physicians.

Our members are graduates of accredited four-year, graduate-level, in-residence naturopathic medical programs. To maintain their licenses, each doctor must complete 30 hours of continuing education requirements annually.

Please use the Find a Doctor feature to locate a naturopathic physician near you.

AzNMA members are welcome to submit articles to be posted on this website. Please send them to director@aznma.org. The articles will be posted after review by the Education Committee.




Celebrate the Healing Power of Nature!

Naturopathic Medicine Week 2015:   Mark your calendars now for Naturopathic Medicine Week, October 5 -11, 2015.

The first Naturopathic Medicine week in October of 2015 -- helped raise the consciousness & media awareness of naturopathic medicine -- as naturopathic doctors held events to further educate their patients and prospective patients.

For a list of possible events and ideas that you and your office can participate in go to:  AANP Naturopathic Medicine Week.

If you are planning an event in your office send us your event so we can post on the AzNMA Facebook. Please send them to director@aznma.org.