CMEs – AzNMA Member Meetings

Important Note: If you purchase courses from this page, we highly recommend that you print the receipt sent to your email and attach it to your CME form.  This will suffice as verification to the licensing board if you get audited.

AzNMA Member Meeting – CTCA Food Demo and Social Media

CMEs: 2 General. Learn about the Farm at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and then get an update about why naturopathic physicians need social media to help build their practice. Presented October 6, 2015.

AzNMA Member Meeting – Anthony Bates Foundation – Cardiac Screening

CMEs: 2 General. Sharon Bates, CEO/Founder of the Anthony Bates Foundation speaks about the Anthony Bates Foundation and how you can host a Cardiac Screening at your office. Presented July 6, 2015.

AzNMA Member Meeting – April 6, 2015 – Protecting Your Practice

CMEs: 2 General. Topic: Protecting You and Your Practice from the “what ifs”. Summary: Asking the questions and providing the solutions that the doctor rarely has time to think about until 2 AM. Presented April 6, 2015.

AzNMA Member Meeting – Dec. 1, 2014 – Naturopathic Pharmaceutical Management in Integrative Oncology

CMEs: 1 Pharmacy and 1 General. A special AzNMA Member Meeting, presented by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America®, provides information you need to know about Naturopathic interventions in Integrative Oncology. Presented December 1, 2014.

AzNMA Member Meeting: July 14, 2014 – Expanding Your Practice – A Legal Perspective

CMEs: 2 General. Alicia Corbett, JD – Keller Rohrback, LLP – covers the following: Having a “pre-nup” with a new business partner; Avoiding improper independent contractor classifications; Protecting your business through employment agreements; Working more effectively with your attorney. Presented July 14, 2014.

AzNMA Member Meeting: 5-12-2014 – 10 Simple Steps to Achieve HIPAA and MU Compliance

CMEs: 2 General. David Carattini, President of Arizona Tech Works, will cover issues related to Privacy Policies, Office Policies, Training, and other critical issues to help you guarantee that your office is HIPAA compliant. Presented May 12, 2014.

AzNMA Member Meeting – Jan 2014 – The Drug Quality and Security Act

CMEs: 2 General. In this video you will receive important information about the proposed Drug Quality and Security Act. This is important information that you need to know! Presented January 27, 2014.

AzNMA Member Meeting – Ross Kerievsky DC, ND: Introduction to ICD-10

CMEs: 2 General. In this webinar, Dr. Ross Kerievisky walks the participants through the most significant changes to healthcare that has happened in decades. Presented October 14, 2013.

AzNMA Member Meeting – Robert Waters PhD.: Anti-virals, Bioterrorism, and Cancer

CMEs: 2 General. This is a discussion of recent advances in research from the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute Center for Disease, Vaccination, and Immunology. Presented March 4, 2013.

AzNMA Member Meeting – Kimberly Kent: Top Ten Issues Facing Naturopaths

CMEs: 2 General. Kimberly Kent of the Kent Law Group covers the top legal issues facing today’s naturopathic doctors. Attendees will learn the basics of medical malpractice, documentation skills, and ways to avoid board complaints. Presented May 6, 2013.