CMEs – Requirements in Arizona

NPMB Rule R4-18-205 in effect January 1, 2003

A. Every calendar year, a physician shall complete 30 credit hours of approved continuing medical education activities. 10 credit hours shall be in pharmacology as it relates to the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease. Eight credit hours shall be from programs approved by one or more of the organizations listed in subsection B (2). One hour of credit is allowed for every 50 minutes of participation in an approved continuing medical education activity unless otherwise noted in R4-18-205(B). 

As of 2018, a minimum of 3 of the 30 Hours must of Opioid Related (Substance Use Disorder-Related or Addiction-Related).

B. The following are approved continuing medical education activities:

  • Education certified as Category 1 by an organization accredited by the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education;
  • Continuing medical education programs in the clinical application of naturopathic medical philosophy that are approved by:
  1. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians or any of its constituents organizations,
  2. The Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, or
  3. Any naturopathic licensing authority in the United States or Canada.
  • One credit hour may be claimed for each eight hour day of training in an internship training program, a preceptorship training program, or a postdoctoral training program approved by the Board. A maximum of eight hours per year may be claimed in this manner
  • One credit hour, not to exceed eight credit hours, may be claimed for each eight hour day of research in subjects list in A.R.S.§ 32-1525(B), if the research is conducted by or sponsored by a school of naturopathic medicine that is accredited or candidate for accreditation by:
  1. The Council on Naturopathic Medical Education,
  2. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation or
  3. An accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education
  • One credit hour may be claimed for each hour serving as an instructor of naturopathic medical students or other physicians in a program approved by one of the organizations listed in subsection (B) (2), or a school approved by the Board. A maximum of eight hours may be claimed in this manner.
  • A maximum of four hours may be claimed for preparing or writing for presentation or publication, a medically related paper, report, or book that is presented or published addressing current developments, skills, procedures, or treatment in the practice of naturopathic medicine. Credit may be claimed only for materials presented or published. Credit may be claimed once as of the date of publication or presentation.
  • A maximum of eight credit hours may be earned for the following activities that provide necessary understanding of current developments, skills, procedures, or treatment in the practice of naturopathic medicine if the physician maintains a record for at least three years that includes the name of the activity, the date of the activity, and the amount of time to complete the activity:
  1. Self- instruction that utilizes videotapes, audiotapes, films, filmstrips, slides, radio broadcasts, or computers;
  2. Independent reading of scientific journals and books;
  3. Preparation for specialty board certification or re-certification examinations: or
  4. Participation on a staff committee or quality of care or utilization review committee in a facility or government agency.

C. The Board shall grant an extension of time to complete continuing medical education required in subsection (A) upon written application by a licensee if the licensee fails to meet the requirements due to illness, military service, medical or religious missionary activity, residence in a foreign country, or extenuating circumstance. An extension, other than for military service, shall not exceed 90 days.

D. An applicant for renewal of a license shall certify on the application of renewal, under penalty of perjury, that the applicant has met or will meet, before January 1, the continuing medical education requirements for the calendar year.

E. Board staff shall annually randomly select a minimum of ten percent of the active licensees for an audit of required continuing medical education. Failure to complete the required continuing medical education is considered unprofessional conduct.