Karissa Walton | N.M.D.

Karissa Walton | N.M.D.

Founder & Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Karissa believes that health is an unalienable right that should never be taken for granted. She believes that medicine is rooted in both nature and science, and true health stems from combining them to treat the individual —not the condition. Dr. Karissa has a passion for teaching patients how to optimize their health so they can become the best version of themselves.
Naturopathic School: Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
Graduation Year: 2018
License State: AZ
License #: 19-1781
Expiration Date: 01/01/2021
Area of Expertise: Bones, Joints and Muscles, Brain and Nerves, Endocrine System, Wellness
Patient Age Group: Adult, Elder, Gradeschooler, Teenager
Health Conditions Treated: Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, Chronic Pain, Dementia / Alzheimer's, Infectious Diseases, Muscle Problems, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Osteoporosis / Osteopenia, Senior Health
Therapeutic Modalities: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, IV Nutrient Therapy, Manipulation, Non-Surgical Joint Regeneration, Nutritional supplements, Oxygen/Ozone Therapy, PRP Joint Injections, Physical Medicine, Prolotherapy, Sports Medicine

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