CMEs: 6.5 Pharm
Title: “Pain, Hypertension and Acute Infections – Pharmaceutical Management”
Speaker: Paul S. Anderson, NMD

This seminar updates the primary care physician regarding the common drug management of conditions related to pain, hypertension and acute infections. Lecture, cases and discussion of related pharmaceuticals and their appropriate are used. Appropriate use of tapering schedules for particular drugs when needed are also discussed.


  1. Use the biochemical mechanism of action of the following to predict best use, interactions and contraindications for the drugs discussed:
    1. Opiates; natural and synthetic
    2. Steroids
    3. Inflammatory modulators
    4. Cannabinoids
    5. Anti-hypertensive drugs
    6. Anti-anginal drugs
    7. Antibiotics
    8. antivirals
  2. Appropriately dose and administer drugs described in the sessions
  3. Safely adjust or taper doses as required for patient management
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