Dr. Leila Turner: Menorrhagia Diagnosis and Treatments
Dr. Jared Zeff: Clinical Endocrinology
Dr. Carrie Jones, ND: Reviewing the Basics: How to Functionally Address Pre-Menopausal Women and their Hormonal Symptoms
Dr. Felice Gersh: Neuroinflammation and Hormonal Therapeutic Options
Dr. Melissa Coats: Neurotransmitters & & Endocrinology
Dr. Amy Waite: Men’s Health: Alternatives to Testosterone
Dr. Amy Chadwick: Endo Bio Genic Medicine, Asthma & Migraines
Dr. Cheryl Burdette: Oxidative Stress and Hormones: The Backdrop of Oxidation Sets the Stage for Hormone Health
Dr. Mona Morstein: Diabetes: Guidelines and Treatments


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