Topic: Polyvagal Theory – Rethinking the Autonomic Nervous System

Webinar Summary: In this webinar, Dr. Lee shares an updated understanding of the ANS stress response, explaining the parasympathetic "freeze" response, the physiological and evolutionary differences between the two branches of the parasympathetic system (rest-and-digest vs. freeze), and how to use healthcare interventions to effectively interact with both types of autonomic disregulation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the conventional model of autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulation and ANS stress response.
  2. Describe crucial physiological and evolutionary details (missing from the conventional model) in the context of a hierarchical nature of ANS regulation.
  3. Discuss how vagal mechanisms (the parasympathetic system) can mediate both protective and potentially lethal responses to stress ... also called the "vagal paradox"
  4. Discuss applications of polyvagal theory for understanding the effects of stress on well-being, and effective use of health care interventions that interface with a holistic, complete, and encompassing view of ANS functioning.

1.5 General CME Credits

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